Ethics of the Internet.

So in my 21st century communications class we just did a project on Ethics and Etiquette on the internet. I Chose the love topics of Spelling because it seriously bothers me when people don’t use the correct form of the word not that I never make grammatical errors or anything because I do. I also chose censorship because it bothers me when people are dropping F-Bombs online, I don’t really mind it as much in real-life but if you are going to post it online at least have the decency to use a code that only your friends understand or something. your grandparents are on the internet too. the other topic I chose was truth as in being aware of creepers and fake profiles, chances are if Justin Beiber or who ever is cool is trying to friend you it’s probably an creep in his mothers basement or somebody wanting to bully you.

One thought on “Ethics of the Internet.

  1. Rachel,
    I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on these topics, especially spelling/grammar and censorship.
    Miss Kearns

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